NO FEELINGS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

it could be so perfect but none of us know
the person we are or the way we should go
looking for love in an empty glance
holding onto memories that never had a chance
clinging for warmth and hoping for love
shouting out curses to something above
while crying inside and dying out loud
heart eaten away and turned inside out
so just one more kiss before you leave me tonight
and please just forget me when your with him
tomorrow night…
it’s all in your hands, this all in my heart
these tears in my eyes are dripping apart
into helpless hands that are holding my throat
and choking off memories before they found hope
to die without a chance and to only be dead
this life with no meaning means nothing in my head
when everything is wrong and you want someone
who is not there you begin to speak to strangers
who just don’t care so dream of all i’ve done
and all i could do and please just forget
that i wanted to be with you…
how pretty it is to watch my feeling die
and suffocate in the bottom of a hole and never sleep and never dream
and always think about what it all means
and i’m so pleased that you could throw me
into this place that i can’t even imagine
how you would taste and drip off my tongue
and soothe my throat, choking my feelings
and strangling my hopes…
how pretty you are to shatter the glass
of our perfect past and sleep on the slivers
you once called home and to be in your thoughts
and to receive your kiss and to flinch and to shake
at the touch of your lips and to be torn inside
and to be thrown away and you won’t even speak to me
everyday, so what was meant to be is not
and the man i thought was me has gone
and i can hold him inside of my hollow heart
to tear him to shreds like you tore us apart
so sing your song full of hateful words
and bury my heart six feet beneath earth…
i won’t feel unless you want me to…
i won’t touch unless you want me to…
and i won’t love unless you’d love me to…
so just throw me away…