SLEEP OVER by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

SLEEP OVER by Jeff Callaway
she finally asked me
into her life
if only for one night
and little did we know
the time had come
it was for the rest of
our lives
like a common ground
where our two loving worlds collide
for I’ve come to understand
the girl
with the most amazing
gorgeous green eyes
I’ve ever seen
and I’m not afraid
to take a chance on love
or to care
or to dare to dream
I’ve lived long enough
I’ve lived hard enough
in this life
to appreciate
the finer things
like poetry and hard work
the woman I love
who truly loves me
and I’ll always remember
the first time that she said
would you like to spend the night
with me please
and come into my home
to drink
to eat or sleep
to satisfy
to hallucinate
to her hypnotize
her lips have eyes
her hills have eyes
her hips fine line
and it’s finalized
just sign on the dotted line
she’s the favorite of all
my friend invites
my number one and only
for all times
my baby is so fine
she blows my mind
she binds me blind
right straight
into her soul
into her life
into her arms
to the end of time
I swear it’s time
and one day soon
she’ll wear white just like
I saw in her eyes
on that September night
beneath a lonesome streetlight
outside in the wide open
my bride
and love is in the pillows
love is in between the sheets
love is even in the pillow fights
love is all you need
love is the

sleep over

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