POETIC JUSTICE by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)


glistening off

razor wire

like starry spires

all spiral on and out

in the cold fog

of morning

my own

crucified mourning

I pay penance

to a law

because of hard

lessons I’ve learned

and sins I’ve saw

which have led me here

to the end of my

quiet career

as a Texas fuck up

as higher up

the rains fall down

from mysterious clouds

to rain the pain on down

upon my down hearted heart

my face a frown

and i am just

another clown

behind these bars

in this ghoul town

as down I lie

inside a storm

that spits out her stars

on to the ground

not in the sky

but strewn all around


the swoon of an

early morning moon

where i’m all confused

and easily bruise

on the concrete walkway where

men in white suits

march doomed

locked up in the gloom

and when you

are as intimate with freedom

as i

then this haunted hollow room

could cause us both to die

as i sigh

as I sigh

like my blue eyes

were meant for crying

with four thousand eyes

to roam my skin at all times

i feel like dying

like i’m naked to the eye

but i’m trying

to stand on my own

without selling my soul

without lying

so I’ve decided on trying

to tell my stories

to you

my time I’m biding

my own

and i’ve been known

to trip a time or two

but right now

i’m not frying

stone cold sober

wrong place wrong timing

I’m fighting inside me

just to find my dream


sorrowful scenes

from my past



like a jailbird

within me

into my skies of future


finally free

to speak my mind

maybe I’m rhyming

even within the winding

roads of life’s irony

poetry is where you will

find me

walk into the bright light

but this time I won’t blow it

because I’m a poet

and I know it.