DEAR READER, by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

Dear reader,

it’d be so much

sweeter to me

if you’d be

a believer

a rhyme receiver

a grammar greeter

an attentive reader

and even a bringer

of listeners to poetry readings

to make my soul smile

to make my spirit sneeze

i need someone

who really listens to these

lines of poetry that i bleed

for that is what i long

for that is what i need

for that would be

a friend to me

in need


a dreamer

cheer up sleepy dreamer

like a leaping lemur

i’d be a sailor

of somnolent seas

as freely you

read free

my lines by design

have come clean

and come wild

and i’ve traveled many miles

to live in exile

and be reviled

for only to speak

here now to thee

so lay a good ear on me

and please

dear reader

read on

read loudly

read longingly

read long

all these my sadly

sweetly unsung

ever so softly

suffer unto me


which vow

to never say so long

but only to safely say

that it feels so good

to be alive today

and to laugh

and to love

and to be in love

with you and you only

to say hey

i’m also lonely

so won’t you please

come out and join me tonight

to watch the panties

come off like a light

and to long longer

as the both of us hunger for

the butt-naked lunch…

© Jeff Callaway 2011

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