TO: DALE EARNHARDT JR. by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

speed kills

but Dale Earnhardt Jr.

does it for thrills

and he does it on all four wheels

with balls of steel

he goes through all five gears

as his tires squeal

into turn two he steers

and the rubber he peels

reads Goodyear

but the car that he drives says

Budweiser is the King of Beers

as he faces 500 laps with

no fear

the power of 800 horses

wrings competitors tears

and adds one more win

to his fabulous career

’cause he’s a champion

chasing the cup

to the sound of the crowds cheers

but all 8 pistons firing

is all that he can hear

lap after lap

until the checkered flag appears

or Daytona burns

’cause he’s got some points

that he’s got to earn

and all the other race car drivers

got a lesson to learn

from Dale

and all of his fans

got different stories to tell

about how number 8

drives like a bat out of hell

in a red Chevrolet

and you can ask

any of the drivers

and I’m sure they’d say

that when the green flag goes up

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s racing to win

the Nextel Cup!

© Jeff Callaway 2006

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