MOVE by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

move this flesh

this soul at rest

this flesh unwed

this flesh utterly



this flesh twice fed

and put to bed…


this weary worded unwinding of flesh…


this once or twice or thrice at best…


see me now at my best, so take me…


this binding of life and love

this leisure like hour

this school of thought

this principal of adhesion…

let’s soak it all in, let’s live deep from within…


let’s become

let’s get some sun

all in good fun

accept me for who I am

catch my drift

catch me falling off a cliff

you are the reason that I exist

the flesh is the key…


the adamant Atlantic

to the west I say in purest form

purest form, nature

the unbounded sea all bounced

unbound these curling waves

with their tongue to the beach

in the kiss of the tide…


old moon rising and falling

all sad song said and done

all to where these words become

this love of flesh and bones and words

this love to you with heart like doves

to you for whom this heart does yearn

this love does seeketh thee…


and finds me and flies and moves me…


moves the waves, moves this unlimited sea

uninhibited moves me, moves these…


fractions of time in rhyme with the time

in eternity…


move this rhyme, rearrange these lines

it’s the sign of the times and no I’m not fine

I’m moved…

© Jeff Callaway 2005

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