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ABOUT THIS CAMPAIGN: We hope these stylish tee’s will help bring awareness to the efforts and services available through Texas Outlaw Press & Texas Outlaw Poet (www.texasoutlawpoet.com), as well as help raise funds for groups and organizations like ourselves who are fighting to bring justice through legalization of marijuana in Texas, as well as the world!

OUR MISSION: Texas Outlaw Press was founded when my good friend Jeff Callaway was sent to prison for the non-violent offense of possession of psilocybin mushrooms. Together …we founded the Press to publish chapbooks for readings both while Jeff was in and when he got out of the penitentiary system. The legacy of our inception is our on-going interest in working with artist who have had to suffer the indignities and injustices of the hypocritical drug laws in Texas and the U.S. In the coming years we hope to shape the Press into a helpful resource for artists trapped in the Texas prison system for non-violent drug possession. We are also interested in collaborating with Texas’s artist and political communities to bring further awareness to the injustices of Marijuana Prohibition and the harms to people’s lives caused by incarcerating non-violent drug offenders. Ultimately we would like to help educate citizens and voters about the negative consequences of current drug laws and the benefits of treatment vs. incarceration in regards to serious addiction issues. At the same time we’d like to offer a rewarding forum for self-expression to those negatively impacted by those laws and to our readers and listeners. -John-Paxton Gremillion (Co-Founder)

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