On The Outskirts Of Madness (Texas Outlaw Press Chapbooks) (Volume 4)



“It is my personal opinion that Burroughs, Kerouac & Rimbaud never died. A highly advanced alien civilization abducted them, extracted their DNA, & genetically engineered Texas Outlaw Poet, Jeff Callaway. His first collection of poems, “Party Fouls”, is a harrowing road-trip through the fragmented Texas psyche of an artist who has truly survived a “season in hell”. His “graduate degree” in poetry was earned in the bloodcurdling corridors of Huntsville State Prison. Like Jack Henry Abbott, Paul Verlaine & other “outsider artists” before him — he has brought his “prison ink lessons” and a life spent-on-the-margins into gut-wrenching redemptive cinematic glory. I don’t read poetry. And I read this electric collection in one sitting.” -C.M. Talkington, writer/director of Love & a .45

Jeff Callaway was born in 1976 in Athens, Texas. Since then he has attempted to tour every bar and every jail-house in the great state of Texas. Fortunately he shares his experiences through his edgy southern poetry that can be as sultry as Texas itself. Texas Outlaw Poet, Jeff Callaway has written five chapbooks and two full-length volumes all published by Austin, Texas underground publisher, Texas Outlaw Press. He has also appeared at countless open mics and performed at many spoken word events since 2003. He recently had his first art show of original work at the Hal Samples Space Gallery in Deep Ellum, displaying his many multi-media renderings of beer bottles. He currently resides in Texas where he continues to perform, write, paint, live and love.