CAT’S CRADLE by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)


is both geographical

and it’s natural

it’s like flirting with disaster

or like a continent of bumpy roads

and you could find a dead end

or a road that could lead you home

and so when in Rome

it’s sink or swim i’m told my friend

sometimes your ship is sailing in and then

sometimes there can be a long wait and when

it’s an acquired taste then

the one who endures is the one who wins

and has more glory than the one who got there late

so you just smile at fate

and then you wave

and you stay happy

’cause life is funnier that way

with all the nursery rhymes

and cat’s cradles

for your heart to sort out and say

when love is heaven

but with maps and legends and hurricanes

sex is an earthquake

so live life in the fast lane

before it’s gone in sixty seconds

and everyday sounds like a

broken record record record record

and love is just not working

when you spend some time searching

for a pot of gold in someone’s soul

and then you forget the beauty of the rainbow

and then you’re alone on the stage

on opening night

and Romeo and Juliet is the play

but you’ve forgotten your lines

and you don’t know what to say

you’ve got stage fright

and so you have a heart attack

and you die

and some say that in death

love is the light.