THE NIGHT CEDAR ISLE DIED by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

part of me laughed

and a part of me cried

on the night

that Cedar Isle died…


I thought of all

the friends I’d made there

and all the good times

gin and tonics with a lime


as the jukebox blared

Santeria by Sublime…


all the waitresses

I took home and satisfied

the million Cheddar Fry baskets

I fried

with Chinese eyes and a smile

most Friday and Saturday nights

high in the kitchen

black tar shot got

Chef Jeff itching

the tickets just a pouring in

the customers a bitching

Miss Kitty behind the bar twitching

while Old Ted’s sitting sipping


or Glenfiddich

or Dewar’s

with a splash of water

if you can dig it

sipping whiskey

a drinking wine…


and it’s the end

of Cedar Isle as we know it

(and I feel fine)


but then I think

of all we lost and found

it gets me down

and the loose women around

the dirty old men of the town

probably thought

it would never end

but it did…


it was a four-alarm fire

around 1 AM

that finally did

Cedar Isle in…


the patrons

had all gone home

for the night


and the bar stools


had all been pushed in

the tables were all


wiped down with care


and all the lights

had been dimmed

when an electrical problem

with a heater in the roof

said poof!

and did begin…


the end of days

for the Cedar Isle crazed

were amazed

the Christmas Eve blaze

erupted this foggy ferocious haze

that could be seen clear

across Cedar Creek Lake

as all the local fire departments came

and courageously fought that fatal blaze

that would consume our legendary

landmark of sin…


for the fire would destroy

all of the contents



but all the sweet memories

will live

in all of us



again and again.