HONEYCOMB by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

drunk again

the swim of words

in the lush

and the thrust of lust

before a rise tidal waves

over us

and the age of Aquarius

is upon us

and it feels as if so

that these words should

be free

and that they should fly

and soar high

up above us

and even though

my head it’s spinning

and it feels as if so

that I feel

or even bolder

that I see

the queen bee

hiding in her honeycomb.

and you were there

in the gloaming

beside the honey bee tree

beside the measureless sea

that brings in the slosh of the waves

that lie where two lovers meet

to become true

blood brothers and sisters

through the scabs

of bumble bee


and so it’s time that we

put back for a better future

for you and me

and for you and me to see

that time tries to swallow us

before hope can let us see

that life and love

are our common goals

and to someday

live by the sea.

but you’ve stirred up

a hornet’s nest in my heart

and I feel as if

to never be apart

and if so

then not to leave

but to live

or hang me

from the honey bee tree

to die

by the choke of the rope

if not for the sting

of the bees.

because I will not live without you

no matter the cost.

for you suck the blood

from my veins

like a wasp.

in this journal

where I hide

my secret thoughts

and these illustrious dreams of mine

for all of us to share in like glory

that is hidden in a shamrock

for good luck

before the rise of a tide

or the calling in

of the seasons.

or in the pollination of romantic flowers.

or in love

where it falls

faithful and true

and binds two

in eternal kiss


and bliss.

and so I will not hide

behind rocks alone

but words of stone

that stamp on along

this ever groove-ish emotion

and following suit

and folding

to the everydayness

of 9 to 5 life.