TWEAKER by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

it’s 4am
and i still can’t sleep
but really i haven’t slept
in over a week
that’s just the way it is sometimes
on that lake called Cedar Creek
and all of us tweakers
or creekers
call it Speeder Freak
all of us who have not slept a wink
all week and so i think
i’ll stay up one more night and tweak
and peak out my window
through those cracks in the blinds
‘cause i just heard something
coming from outside
and there it is again
that very strange strange sound
like someone is outside sneaking around
but who could it be
oh what could they want
is it some thief in the night
or the sheriff with a warrant
i think i see one
or maybe i see three
peaking at me
from behind that old pine tree
but it’s too dark out tonight
too dark to see much of anything
and maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me
but i think the bastards are trying to
sneak up on me
and they can see everything
with all their surveillance toys
they can hear every little whisper
every little noise
and they got night vision too
they can see me right now
through the dark
i had some too but i skitzed them apart
and anyway it wont be long
and then out will come the sun
they’ll catch me this time
if i try to run…

and then just a little while later
oh here comes the orange dawn
but where are those deputies
oh where have they gone
they just faded away in the blind light
after i sat here and watched them
all damn night
and they were just right there
in front of me
peaking at me
from behind that old pine tree
and so i’ll just tweak here
for another day, another night
tweakin’ out my window to see if i’m right
and i’ll be damned
if i will ever go to bed
because there will be plenty of time
for me to sleep
when i’m dead.


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