LSD POEM by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

much glue
to stick to
so much to do
i cant sit still
i’ve got to move to move
so i fly through the sky
and i fly so high
that i fry in the sky
with my pupils the size of dimes
and so
will you tell me which way- to go
to the yellow brick road
goodbye to some shady place
under the trees of my soul
where we can roll a joint
or load a bowl
whichever makes us whole
below the walls that
are breathing
in sequence with me
as i realize i am one with everything
and so i leave my body
for other worlds to see
as consciousness wakes to Morpheus dreams
will you take my hand
will you go with me
into this new reality
where Maenad wraps us
in velvet violet halo wings
while we’re submerged spirits
in our ecstasy orgy ritual dreams
like the flesh it screams to please you
and Midas’ touch goldens the scene for you
to give everything this jazzy hue
so just go with the flow
you know what to do
cherub flight
to orgasm
over skeleton flames
to exalt the way i felt you
when you came
and you tingled
and your lips are to taste
and you’re safe
in my arms
when you

you open your eyes with the sunrise…

you wonder if it was all fantasized…

you open your eyes with the sunrise…

and i’m laying right by your side…





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