MEXICAN BLACKBIRD by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

i got

a bottle of COGNAC

and a box of fine CIGARS

and King and i are riding in his car

but i don’t know where in the hell we are

and if i tell you a chicken dips SNUFF

you better look under his wing for a can


as the radio jams the R.E.M. song Stand

i recall a titty bar in Tyler , Texas was the plan

but we really could be anywhere in this fine land

and all King can tell me is that we’re out of SPEED again


as the sun slowly begins to raise its evil head

over some dusty old back road, i’m the walking dead

when i think it was last night that we left the skitzer pad

and there really is something to be said about VICODIN


one thing for sure is that King and i like them


and i really wouldn’t be surprised if this was a PILL run

and anyway i always have some fun when i’m with King

he’s really a great friend to go out with and drink

he’s really a great guy if you want to know what i think


Foo Fighters through the speakers and we both start to sing

looks like its going to be another exciting morning

and times are never boring when the car motor is roaring

and then all of a sudden i realize where we’re going

and then King finally looks over and gives me the word

that we’re headed out of Texas on The Mexican Blackbird.






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