SPEEDFREAK by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)


i shoot

that speed-fluid

into miles of my mind

with my blood in the spoon

and my gears cranking grinding

the light from the blast almost blinding

i’m staring at my

tennis shoes

grin smiling widely

i’m all screwed up

i’m turned sort of sideways

most likely

i tuned in

and tied off

and told stories

so gory my blood bumps pump

i grind my teeth together

more by the hour

this speed is a concrete shower

that i breathe in deep

bleeding deep

like dark horses

through ether lucid fantasies

so that confusion is not my enemy

and fear is not in my vocabulary

with my going on a green light mentality

that is rushing through my veins

i am

a pharmacopoeia

a rocket ship speedfreak dopefucked fantasy

or fiasco rather

i am

sleazy seedy bumps in the bathrooms of

convenient stores

i am

the wicked wind whispering of

which wargasms

to slam a gram and orgasm

i suppose i must dispose

of these shards

of my electric minds eye

as i empty the dumpster of my

dream-like thought progressions

to shoot my wad into the sky

and expel the stars of spirits

ringy and twisted

and then

i shoot the works!




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