POETRY OF FREEDOM by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)


is the poetry of freedom

and my head it’s reeling

from drinking cheap tequila

and staring at the spinning ceiling

but i’ve got a good feeling

even though i’m hung over

and my stomach is empty

but i’m dealing

’cause i got a half a pack of GPC’s

and i got this poetry reading this evening

and this sexy nubile laying by my side

who sighs my name so gently

and i know that everything is going to work out


but i’m withdrawing

and i’m shaking

and i’m fidgeting

from this reckless abandon of the night before

and i am an East Texas dope whore

but i won’t let you shut that door

i’ll just keep knocking ’til you let me in

for i long to infect you with my sin

and today the poetry of freedom is in

so i’ll say all that i want to say

with all my somber words with shots of whiskey

and all of these whiskey awakenings

to the poetry of freedom

overlooking my doom

and opening doors to words and walking through

tagging meanings to my mere thoughts

like tags on the bottles at the liquor store

but so much more…


i sound my barbaric yawp across

a dusty bar room floor…


for i am the voice of every drunk and every


who deserves to be heard

and so please give me more of these words

for only a few would be for the birds

and today is the poetry of freedom

so be free for sure

for today

the poetry of freedom

is getting you drunk

and getting you laid

and making you dance

or laugh

or pass out!


Dallas, TX.