EMPTY BOTTLES by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)


howdy y’all
my name is Jeff
and I’m an alcoholic
ya see
I been drinking
now ever since
the age of fifteen
when a green eyed girl
from a trailer park
in Tyler, Texas
decided to teach me
a few things
about what love means
and how love is mean
she broke my heart
she tore it out
by the seams
but before she did
she taught me to make love
she taught me to drink everything
from Jack Daniels to Moosehead
and into her pink
and I been doing it
again to myself
ever since I can think
and everything I could see
I started drinking from the bottle
then the bottle started
drinking from me
and just fifteen years later
I find myself drunk
passed out on Venice Beach
two friends and I drank three gallons
of Jim Beam with A&W’s cream soda
and we woke up in Arizona
and so the story goes
on and on and on
there’s a demon in my bottle baby
I find myself so gone
there’s a demon in my bottle
who’s needed exorcism so long
and so here’s to
my drunkard song
let me sing it
read it
all night long
empty bottles
empty cans
somehow now
I’ve become a man
screaming please remember me
and all of my empty bottles
full of memories…



2 thoughts on “EMPTY BOTTLES by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

  1. Jeff……. long time no see my friend. I’m glad to see that you’re still fighting the good fight. Love your work, brother. Don’t know if you made it to Kyle’s Funeral or not, parole wouldn’t let me go because it was the weekend. I ended up doing 9 1/2 years in that grim motel, but now I’m out on house arrest. Living in gun Barrel City, quite close to the ghost of cedar isle. Hit me back brother. Your bud, Seth.

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