MORE THAN FRIENDS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

not in all my nights

nor in all of my days

never in a million years

have a poet’s eyes laid

upon someone so fine

or so fair as she…

for the mere thought

of her falling in love with me

would cause my heart to leap

my soul to scream

to shout it out loud

for the whole world to see

Princess Erika (with a k)

is the girl of my dreams

the most beautiful girl

on Earth it seems

has taught my broken heart

to beat again…

now I just want to be

more than friends…

I want to be the man

in whom you can depend

the true love you fight to defend

let me be the one by your side

to the bitter end…

after all I been through

I never thought I’d love again

but I do

I’ve fallen so hard for you

it’s true

I’m one lonesome heart

beating fo two…

so take me inside

to be one with you

to do anything you want me to

I want to give you the stars

the sun and the moon

and everything you’re entitled to…

everything a Goddess like you


you deserve a man

who treats you right

who loves you

who holds you

through all the dark nights

who tries to work through

problems instead of fight

who is always gentle with you

always polite

always faithful

even out of sight

you deserve eternal happiness

and infinite delight

you deserve nothing but the best

because you are everything that is right

in a girl

you’re my everything

my light in this world…

so please take my hand

and come with me

into a new eternity

we’ll seek out truth

we’ll try to find peace

we’ll search out this happiness

just you and me

we’ll find all there is to see

and to do

just give me one chance

because I truly do…

I love you.