ROGUE WAVE by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

ROGUE WAVE by Jeff Callaway

Life is…
not for show
But your dreams are
Really gold
Like a sea forever folding
Life unfolds
so you can’t just coast
along or you’re toast
to end up
one unfulfilled ghost
who haunts a home
where life is the most
deadly host
Life is the deadliest catch
so you’ve got to make
the most of it
no matter what you do
or someday soon
the fat lady will sing
for you and me too
it’s true
and that’s just the price
that you pay
That’s your toll
For rock-n-roll
is here to stay
Life comes in stages
And phases
down here at the dead ends
The mental mazes
Of this rotten rank roadway
on this dead dank day
where I’ve finally
reached the end
Never here
To stay…

Our lives are just like
A rogue wave…