50 CENT DRAFTS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

when i needed
to smile
whenever i needed
to laugh
i always had you
to take me for
fifty-cent drafts
to Scooter’s we’d go
together hand in hand
we’d clown around
and have a few rounds
listen to your favorite band
on the jukebox
vodka on the rocks
it’s okay for us
to have some fun
we live right
around the block
so pop a top
and sit right here
on the barstool
nearest to me
you know i’m your man
and you can lay me on down
take me home
and make love to me
but before you do
we can have some cold brews
and enjoy each other’s company
at the best place in town
Carmen, lay two more buds down
make it three
and can we
get our tab?




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