CASADY by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

you know

i always hoped

but i never

ever knew


true love

could be for me


i met you

and until

my eyes met yours

and love is truth

my dreams come true

true blue

you’re the girl of my dreams

my sweet

sweet Casady

and would you believe

but could you conceive

i’ll never ever leave

i could never ever see

i could never feel


you showed to me

at first sight

your true love is


and now my still

beating heart

which was once so blind

until now

your love has healed

and for the first time in ten years

i can finally feel


completely happy

ever since

September 19th, 2007

i’ve lived in heaven happily

and it’s all because of you

my sweet

sweetest Casady

you make my heart beat

so rapidly

with such a beautiful rhapsody

you are a beautiful masterpiece

to me

and if you ever

ever need anything

all you have to do is

ask me

i’ll do everything it takes

to make you happy

but there’s just one thing

i have to ask thee


will you marry me?




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