NEW DAY by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

for a better day
for things to not stay the same
for a change, for a better place to live
for something to do besides sit and slowly
watch time pass us by, for something to
look forward to, for something to inspire
for something that will take us higher
for things to make us see the light
for something that will get us through the night
for something to help us win our fight
for a way to escape without dying
for a way to tell the truth, not lying
for a universal soul, collective as a whole
for a resolution to lifes’’ disillusion
i won’t settle for anything less than happiness
but you used to be someone i looked up to
but now you’re just something to do
and you used to take away my pain
but now your caresses do not soothe
you used to be someone i’d never forget
and now i can’t even remember your name
you’re a flash in the pan, you’re yesterdays’ news
you’re just something to do, someone to use
you used to sing me rock -n- roll songs
but now you only sing me the blues
and this is why i must say today
out with the old
in with the new…