ROCK-N-ROLL LANE by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)


So now when
Sun peeks out to set
High up above those
Saturday gloomy clouds
Then there’s going to be
A rowdy party round here
When my friends
On Rock-N-Roll Lane
Are down

The storm has passed
As I cross the Caney City Bridge
I’m Rock-N-Roll bound

Roll down the windows
Kitten, take your top down
Heading North on Highway 198
Is where the fun and the funk
can be found

And if you got the coke
Then I got the crown
And if you’re experienced
And you’d like to get down
Take off that dress and lay on down
Pound plenty beers down
Pal around out of town
Then soak up the sights
Then soak up the sounds
We’re having a few friends over tonight
We’re passing the ganja around
On the leather sectional
With fold out bed
Sit down in the circle
Please sit right down
Relax back with us
Forget your frown

Kick back those tears
Watch for crossing deer
And here’s to ten more
drunken years

The only thing we have to fear
Is to run out of beers

And Fat Jesus
Saint Christopher
King and John-Paxton
There all here

Chubby says Bass is near

Dirty D’s bringing Death metal and beer

let’s drink jaeger bombs
with Andy McGee with no fear

Bryan who is no longer Skate is
Probably setting up camping gear
Somewhere near Anchorage I hear

But other than that all my close friends
Are here once I appear

I’m the Texas Outlaw Poet
Words are my career
So The Joshua says
Jeffrey come here

The McLarty’s are having a party
So cheers!

Mamba juice Jaeger shots injections of
honey butter bourbon barbecue fire

This pig this chicken this steer
This hunger inside us is dyer

On Rock-N-Roll Lane
If I said I’d never been higher
I’d be a liar

On Rock-n-Roll Lane
if you bring the fish
we got the fryer

On Rock-N-Roll Lane
There is real estate for sale
If you’re a buyer

On Rock-N-Roll Lane we’re all like
One big drunken choir.