I have a brother

and his name is Jeff

sometimes he is

a really big mess

he hasn’t always

made the best of decisions

guess that’s why

he wound up in prison

got out

and worked in

Cedar Isle’s kitchen


but right now his whereabouts are unknown


and every once in a while

he calls us up on the phone

and he let’s us know that he’s doing okay

and he really can’t wait til his next payday

and he really has

so much to say

He has become

such a unique poet

and has a nack for

really showing it


Jeffrey used to

always like to wake and bake

and he has a really cool cd i like

by cake


and i’d bet $400 bucks

he could drink you

under the table


his balance is


but Jeff is

a good brother

and i love him so


and he has lots of

really weird places to go

He’s kind of a gin & tonic man

and I’m almost sure

he might have some masterplan

occasionally he will jam

some old school Tupac

but really you know that

he’s just so

punk rock


and he has a great recipe

for mushroom tea

last summer he finally got to see the sea

Yes he’s only three years older than me

But I know that he’s got some good

tricks up his



And Jeffrey

likes to read books

that are fiction

But I can’t believe

he’s never seen

Jane’s Addiction


From William S. Burroughs

to Jack Kerouac

Jeff was once known

to shoot some smack

it almost gave our Mom

a heart attack


but without a doubt

he’s a really cool cat

bless his heart

he used to hang out

with Steph

he used to hang out

with Pete

But now he usually kicks it

down on

6TH Street


Jeff has been charged

several times

and had to pay some

really big fines


He used to drink

lots of Mickey’s

and always wore

those baggy



if you’re at the bar

order plenty


He introduced me

to some Hank the 3RD

and a little bit of



now I jam them

all the time


if you’ve already

met Jeff

then you already

know he’ll be there


the rain or snow


if you get to


my brother


you’ll see that he’s

a cool mother fucker!!!


To my dearest brother Jeff

I love you and you’ll be home







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