HOLE IN THE WALL by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

dollar drafts
on Monday night
at the Hole In The Wall
after fallen light
after i read my poetry at The Hideout
i head out
through drunken Austin streets to drink
at my home away from home
and i chase the little skirts
these desserts to which i’m known
i’ve grown to love their taste and to make them my own
in a sea of cigarette butts
and lipstick lies
which link me to jukeboxes, junkies
and Jessica’s thighs …

i’m welcome in this house of social disorder
and neon signs…

dyed black hair
milky white thighs
alcoholic fantasies disguise
the shine of dollar pints
and wanton sinful eyes…

the coldest jager in town
reminds me of Alaska…

so i wink instead of ask her
she grabs my ass as i walk by
these college girls have no need to lie
and poets have so much to say
and both of us possess the need
to get drunk and get laid…

so Waldo pour us up another drink
and i’ll make another toast to make us think
and sink into dirty bar room dreams
my Jim Beam logic cannot convey…

the Hole In The Wall makes me feel so fine
the Hole In The Wall has inspired these lines
the Hole In The Wall no cover anytime
the Hole In The Wall where i spend my dimes
and find my dames…

the Hole In The Wall is its name…

the Austin Chronicles sexiest bartenders remain…

at the Hole In The Wall…

my casting call…

to debauchery!


Austin, Texas

Hole In The Wall Arcade & Restaurant Austin, TX!!!