BLUE DOLPHINS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

Juliet and i
we come alive on Friday night’s
ephemeral heights
on three tabs of X each
her violet eyes
like violent epiphanies
when we
have sex on X it’s empathy
my baby loves me like ESP
and she tastes like a ripe
and it’s all very
tasty cuisine
and she is my empyrean queen
the way her heavenly body sings to me
with such sonorous energy
is like her skin it is infinity
her sin it is divinity
and she is the
within my overloading circuitry
and when she is in bed with me
one red rose grows on both her cheeks
when we’re wound in liquid sheets
and the bedroom is moving
like ocean waves
love saves!
the radio blares the latest dance craze
in a purple haze
and sex it is a fabulous maze
i use my fingers to feel my way
through my lover’s deep dark caves
she’s what i crave
her fluffy mattress is a
techno rave
that three blue dolphins make
with dance beats and trance lights
when psychedelic times fly
like hearts might
burst hell-for-leather
in the pleasure hex
on X
she is my girlfriend and
my dominatrix
and sex
and drugs
and rock-n-roll is the matrix
of euphoria
in black light phantasmagoria
with only the
light of the moon
to shine down into her aqua room
onto her watery bed
upon her pale bright skin like the dead
with goose bumps and cold sweat
i am fed
upon my creamy angel Juliet
wearing only one lonely blue sock
and nothing else
and all ringing wet
rolling with me in her silk sheets
in excess
she’s smoking hot
with pink nipples and naked knees
she’ll let
liquid ecstasies flow from
her sweet spot…

liquid ecstasies flow
from her sweet spot
and rainbows rhapsodize
from within side her serpentine eyes
her Byzantine smile is like
a beautiful suicide that i enjoy
inside our cuddle puddle
so warm
and wet
and full of joy
my Juliet makes me her toy
just like i’m a rubber lover drummer boy
with my psychotropic beats to destroy
and demonize
like her hedonistic hips have hypnotized
her helter skelter hands have sanctified
and i am baptized
in her bed and besides
her lovin’ is like
a carnivalesque roller coaster ride
with a four alarm fire inside
her throbbing thoroughbred thighs
and her razorblade fingertips have eyes
and they invite
her tongue lust for my body
to satisfy
the wanderlust of my wasp waist hottie
is amplified
by three blue dolphins in black angel midnight
with her belladonna heart’s light
that she turns on to glow
under strobe lights
and magnifies life just oh so right
to light up the hours of our transcendental twilight
whenever my Juliet and i
we come alive
on Friday night’s
ephemeral heights