DRUNKEN RAMBLINGS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

i can see
two of everything
as these
sonar radio waves sing
in the sky
like perfect circles of light
come alive on this crazy night
when the heavy sight
of the moon
hangs tight
in its lunar basket of atoms
to bathe in this dark blackness
only to feel the stars showering glow
in the theater of meteors
to touch my skin
to fill in
the wide open spaces of
translucent in the face of my stoned night sky
standing on a beach staring at the sea
and asking myself why
am i
here in Galveston, Texas drunk and high
watching my words
pull these feelings from
the high tide
as i write
my words of sin
my words of vice
lanky lurking liquored words
the sober mans thoughts bottled in
drunken slurred words
with euphoric words to kiss behind your ears
with tickling tingling tenderness to tears
and to take
your heart close to mine
just like fate
and tonight
there are no clues in the booze
and i’ve nothing to lose
just by singing the blues
there’s no clues
in the booze
so i’ll just drink a few more
know what to do’s
when love
isn’t coming from nowhere
and isn’t growing on trees
where does this leave me
but to step inside my drunk sleeping bag
on the whiskey beach
and write my drunken ramblings
alcohol sleep…




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