COAL MINERS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

every time

that i mosey on

back down home

to a southern place in my heart

that i can feel in my bones

i know

Cedar Creek Lake is in my blood

with a (903) area code

and so

whenever i feel

a little lost and low i know

just where to go

to break bread with my family and


to soothe my soul

and then King and i go get drunk and


on the back road

in the old yellow El Camino

with honey roasted blunts

and a few six packs of El Pacifico

and we just let go

when a Merle Haggard song comes

on the radio

and we’re off

and theres only one place i know

in Malakoff

where the guys and girls can go

to get their rocks off

but you better walk the line

or a bouncer might knock your block off

and if you’re looking for a woman

to blow your socks off

i know just where you can find her

go east on Highway 31

to the honky tonk called

Coal Mines…

and here’s another


just to help you find her

there’s a big bright neon sign

out front

so you cant miss it

just part your dualy in the gravel

parking lot

and pay five dollars at the entrance

to find King and i


on barstools

drinking ice cold Guinness

and having hell ‘o fun in

hillbilly bliss

is part of our martini existence

it’s half Martian / half Texas

with a lemon twist and

we’re in business

so let me buy you a drink

i insist

the possibilities are endless…

at Coal Miners

i wake to the daisy chain of a cowgirls kiss

at Coal Miners

i bask in the drunken sorcery of a redneck bliss

at Coal Miners

i swallow all the hello shots i can take

at Coal Miners

i found the alcohol portal to

Cedar Creek Lake…

and i scoot my boots and my booty shakes

like both dance floors are a

Texas earthquake…

at Coal Miners

© Jeff Callaway 2005

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