ON CAMPUS OBSERVATIONS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet)

gin and tonics

at the Jubilee House

are not enough

to ease the calm

from the love that i lost

they only feed my qualms

about day two with no pot

as i sit up here at the college

and rot

with my lonesome nose in my notebook

i squat

and scrawl my secret words

the passerby might never have heard

but only stare at me

through my wild word sea

like lost little hush puppies read

in wonder

as i wonder why

the beautiful girls they just walk on by

and they don’t even

notice me

just because i seem

like some weird luke warm book worm to them

and not the MAN that i truly am

as even more

random folks stroll on by

an old man hobbling horse legged in old worn boots

smoking on a yellowed cigarette through broken teeth

killing ants on the park bench the pain of a sting is

just wishing someone would

notice me

like some kind of finder of lost things

like someone to bring out the beauty with me

to dust off the dust off of these

past relationships

just like a flagship

or an old friend

or a long strange road trip to come in

waves of firework and cathartic good times

that finally

read me

between these


and so yes i will

drink me some more wine

spo dee o dee drinkin’ wine

from the bottle of burgundy in my backpack

of rhyme

with no Swatch Watch on my wrist

to tell me the time

and no weed dealer to sell me a dime

as i sit here

stuck in concrete like

community college is a crime

and i’m

craving the caresses

and the freshness of freshmen

and the sexy solar plexus

of this sophomore from South Texas

who’s been playing with my emotions

and not my erections

like playing hide and go seek

too good for so long


1 Mississippi

2 Mississippi

3 Mississippi

she’s gone

but then she’s back again

sitting on a bench reading a book called Zen

And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance when

i kiss her and watch heart palpitations begin

as dumb preppy boys stumble by

and coo and clap

and she puts her arms around me

and sits in my lap!

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