ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF MADNESS by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet) Poem & PoemFilm


and de-throned

left out on the back porch 

all alone

on the outskirts of madness

it’s weird Wednesday


guys running around in trench coats

with sunglasses on

strange things happening

on the neighbor’s lawn

a girl’s voice mumbling in my ear

no it’s a bird

3am cocaine nightmares

rats in the kitchen

bats in the belfry

it’s dawn and i’m still awake

the madness ensues

on the outskirts of madness

things are strange outside

these people staring at me

through the cracks in the blinds

must want me to see all these strange things

i’m telling you it’s strange

did someone just knock at the door?

no, really lock the door please, i’m scared

Devil is in the barn

dog don’t want to go out and play

the wind is crying it’s a dark day

i’m skitzin’ on the windows

at the games the light

and the shadows play

and the games that one’s ears play

on that third day

when i think someone is here

but their really in the neighbor’s driveway

i stare at these windows for days

with nothing to say…


but welcome to Speeder Freak Lake

welcome to the outskirts of madness

welcome to a season in hell

that is my sadness …


as well as my sanctuary…



  1. Texas will kinda have that affect on you. Lived there myself for a number of years vowing never to move back. I’ll be checking out more of what you write.

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