TO: JOHN FOGERTY by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet) Poem & Poemfilm



the crickets chirp

an old Creedence tune

like Bad Moon-

Rising or Born On The Bayou

the water moccasins sing too


poison devil tongues

of Satan’s tooth


hiss the song right on through

their mouths agape and cotton fanged

the moonlight serenade

alligators and crocodiles promenade

to Have You Ever Seen The Rain

their ivory wide smiles for miles

seem to say


to the bullfrogs bopping

the slimy toads hopping

this Green River is never stopping

with snapping turtles surfing

on logs meant for the chopping

so just Keep On Chooglin’

up to the big Bad Moon


above John Fogerty’s phantasy zoo

where his creatures in Mississippi mud

sing the blues

in the breeze

just cause

I saw it on TV

the footprints of the Boggy Creek


mad in marshy marmalade mud

this Blue Moon Swamp is a musical masterpiece

to flood

the silhouettes of cypress trees

as the dark shadows bud

and bloom

to the lead guitar grooves

and the lead singer’s croons soothe too

his music sets the mood

while lily pads float soliloquies to

the rowdy river

that mirrors

the mystical sky in deep blue

to ooby dooby ooby dooby ooby dooby too

like Willie and The Poor boys do

when the marshmallow clouds thunder and boom

and rain down on birds of prey

but the whooping crane plays

like my ding a ling shakes like a big rattlesnake

and he smiles

with a catfish in his slender throat

and a hungry death wish hope

as the great horned owl

watches all suspicious eyed

hoot hoot hooting!

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