ELEGY IN OCTOBER by Jeff Callaway (Texas Outlaw Poet) in memory of Kara Christine Parker

it was in
a gray October of
one long gone year
we both fell in love
way back
when we were both so young
back when i was sunburned
and she was the sun
and she was
the love of my life
she was an angel from above
she was to be my wife
and with a little bit of luck
we would make sweet
love love love
run amok
we supped wine from a loving cup
like two licorice libertines love struck
when something was up
and she was my first
and i was hers
back in that gray October i spoke of
back when her autumn arrhythmias would cause me to erupt
when she was my marigold
she was my macramé angel
softest skin i’ve ever known
will ever know?
so her skin was a field of snow
and her emerald eyes were a million stories left untold
her saffron curls
of golden swirls the ozone
when i was with her i was home
and i love this babe to the bone
but now she’s gone
and she left this world
and all she’d ever known
just like that old Hank William’s song
she’s long gone
she’s long gone
and i am so