BROKEN HEART, TEXAS by Jeff Callaway

you broke my heart
in Austin girl
you tore my heart
right out
I walked right in
and saw you with him
saw your arms wrapped
tight round his back
and with your cinnamon lips
pressed right against his
your bottom rested flat
on his lap…

you kissed him again
until you saw me walk in
neither one of you
knew how to act…

I didn’t know what to say
I didn’t know what to do
I just wish you could
take it back…

and though we’re not through
you know I’ll always love you
and I’ll always take you back…

but if you do that again
then I might kill my dear friend
the diamond I put on your hand
would forever be cracked
and I’d live my life doomed
in a concrete zoo I can’t do
and I’d surely have a
heart attack…

and life would be
spilled beer around here
in Broken Heart, Texas…

and love would be
full of fear around here
in Broken Heart, Texas…

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SLEEP OVER by Jeff Callaway
she finally asked me
into her life
if only for one night
and little did we know
the time had come
it was for the rest of
our lives
like a common ground
where our two loving worlds collide
for I’ve come to understand
the girl
with the most amazing
gorgeous green eyes
I’ve ever seen
and I’m not afraid
to take a chance on love
or to care
or to dare to dream
I’ve lived long enough
I’ve lived hard enough
in this life
to appreciate
the finer things
like poetry and hard work
the woman I love
who truly loves me
and I’ll always remember
the first time that she said
would you like to spend the night
with me please
and come into my home
to drink
to eat or sleep
to satisfy
to hallucinate
to her hypnotize
her lips have eyes
her hills have eyes
her hips fine line
and it’s finalized
just sign on the dotted line
she’s the favorite of all
my friend invites
my number one and only
for all times
my baby is so fine
she blows my mind
she binds me blind
right straight
into her soul
into her life
into her arms
to the end of time
I swear it’s time
and one day soon
she’ll wear white just like
I saw in her eyes
on that September night
beneath a lonesome streetlight
outside in the wide open
my bride
and love is in the pillows
love is in between the sheets
love is even in the pillow fights
love is all you need
love is the

sleep over

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On the Seventh

at seven

we all came alive

we came one

we came all

one Saturday night

the goal was to Go

Green and it just

felt right

to paint canvases green

that once were white

like born on a green light


I thought I might drop

green words in lines

and hoped they might

rhyme and also be on time

I’m the Texas Outlaw Poet
I come correct
and have also come a
country mile

busted mc’s like lemons

I’m Tequila



and then Talkington’s Texas Radio

tuned in the dial

with psychedelic

country style

we all

kicked off our shoes

and the blues

and stayed a while

as the walls breathed

fine local art in lime green

and artists looked on

through dilated

in 3D

green eyes

and then all of a sudden

I realized

Athens, Texas was once

so named to be the

cultural epicenter of East


and so the 211 Gallery

welcomes us

so come

you poets

come painters

come musicians alike

let’s rise from the ashes

like a phoenix

and fight

for that long

faded dream

that once made

Athens come

to burn so


for all of Texas

to see

how bout

another round

of Come And Take It

catered drinks

and one for me

and a toast

to an East Texas

art movement

to honor




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CAT’S CRADLE by Jeff Callaway



is both geographical

and it’s natural

it’s like flirting with disaster

or like a continent of bumpy roads

and you could find a dead end

or a road that could lead you home

and so when in Rome

it’s sink or swim i’m told my friend

sometimes your ship is sailing in and then

sometimes there can be a long wait and when

it’s an acquired taste then

the one who endures is the one who wins

and has more glory than the one who got there late

so you just smile at fate

and then you wave

and you stay happy

’cause life is funnier that way

with all the nursery rhymes

and cat’s cradles

for your heart to sort out and say

when love is heaven

but with maps and legends and hurricanes

sex is an earthquake

so live life in the fast lane

before it’s gone in sixty seconds

and everyday sounds like a

broken record record record record

and love is just not working

when you spend some time searching

for a pot of gold in someone’s soul

and then you forget the beauty of the rainbow

and then you’re alone on the stage

on opening night

and Romeo and Juliet is the play

but you’ve forgotten your lines

and you don’t know what to say

you’ve got stage fright

and so you have a heart attack

and you die

and some say that in death

love is the light


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Texas Outlaw Poet, Jeff Callaway, will have a new piece, titled “Mickey’s 40 oz. to Freedom,” included in the upcoming 211 Gallery show, Weird & Wonderful, on Saturday, April 1 at 4 PM – 7 PM. Please come out and see this newest addition to his many multimedia renderings of beer-bottles to be viewed there at the gallery, as well as all the top notch art and artists of our beloved East Texas area! The event is included in conjunction with the Celebrating the Texan festivities taking place in the town center of historic Athens, Texas that day! Jeff Callaway will also have many copies of some of his best poetry collections available for sale at $5 per book on display near the Texas Outlaw Poet Art-Space towards the rear of the gallery! Hope to see you all there in support of the arts and local art and artists! –Texas Outlaw Press

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“211 Art Gallery is hosting it’s biannual block party for the Weird & Wonderful Art and Wine Walk. This year we’re excited to house 3 of the finest Wineries around East Texas, including: 3 P’s in a Vine, Castle Oaks and White Fox.”

“Browse our 30 plus artists, and enjoy the music of Andrews/Mizell. Featuring Bad 2 da Bone BBQ, Double Barrel Desserts, Milk & Honey Meadows & LulaRoe by Linda Odle.”

“Purchase your wristband at the front of 211 Gallery for $10 to enjoy the flavors of East Texas.”

“We’re excited to be working in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Celebrating the Texan.”

-211 Gallery, 211 N. Palestine, Athens, TX.



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Texas Outlaw Press presents a poem film by Texas Outlaw Poet Jeff Callaway called “LONELY GIRL” based on his poem of the same name from his poetry collection, A Peck Of Pickled Poems, available on Amazon!

LONELY GIRL by Jeff Callaway

lonely girl

with beautiful lips

her sleepy eyes, dreamy

these incandescent incantations

limiting my ability

to see things clearly

beyond her years

sweeter words

that only her lips have heard

sincere moments of her breathing

sleeping hands

restless at her feet

with angel’s wings

and words that burn

the fore thought of forgotten emotions

falling unheard

and so without asking her

if I could kiss her

she said yes

and she showed to me

what heaven really could be

or that it did

really exist

once my lips touched hers

pillow skin lips

that touched me with sugary heaven

and spoke of words

words with language that danced

like a dancer

cotton eyed joe my soul

she spoke to me

in whispers

tiny kisses

my hands on her thigh

as she awoke


bathed in beauty

her lips





it could be so perfect but none of us know
the person we are or the way we should go
looking for love in an empty glance
holding onto memories that never had a chance
clinging for warmth and hoping for love
shouting out curses to something above
while crying inside and dying out loud
heart eaten away and turned inside out
so just one more kiss before you leave me tonight
and please just forget me when your with him
tomorrow night…
it’s all in your hands, this all in my heart
these tears in my eyes are dripping apart
into helpless hands that are holding my throat
and choking off memories before they found hope
to die without a chance and to only be dead
this life with no meaning means nothing in my head
when everything is wrong and you want someone
who is not there you begin to speak to strangers
who just don’t care so dream of all i’ve done
and all i could do and please just forget
that i wanted to be with you…
how pretty it is to watch my feeling die
and suffocate in the bottom of a hole and never sleep and never dream
and always think about what it all means
and i’m so pleased that you could throw me
into this place that i can’t even imagine
how you would taste and drip off my tongue
and soothe my throat, choking my feelings
and strangling my hopes…
how pretty you are to shatter the glass
of our perfect past and sleep on the slivers
you once called home and to be in your thoughts
and to receive your kiss and to flinch and to shake
at the touch of your lips and to be torn inside
and to be thrown away and you won’t even speak to me
everyday, so what was meant to be is not
and the man i thought was me has gone
and i can hold him inside of my hollow heart
to tear him to shreds like you tore us apart
so sing your song full of hateful words
and bury my heart six feet beneath earth…
i won’t feel unless you want me to…
i won’t touch unless you want me to…
and i won’t love unless you’d love me to…
so just throw me away…


ALONE by Jeff Callaway

we’re all alone
i know we’re all alone
we all dream of the arms
we were once embraced in
but still we’re so alone
only having these four walls
to trap us with nothing at all
on the edge of an emotional cliff
waiting to fall, holding onto nothing at all
but we can see the eyes that shine
so beautiful and magnificent
but they’re not real for us
they just don’t feel for us
so alone, trapped in our four walls
we pretend that they love us
alone, waiting for something
even if something
is nothing at all