alabaster princess

of Atlantis prances

into oblivion

kissing me with her ocean

and breathing in heavy animation

a promenade

of sensual acumen, aplomb

a parade

inside the lover’s aquarium

where there is algebra in our footsteps

and a masquerade

of opulent beauty

in the caress of her


all icy

patterns on my bare skin

to the bone

so we drop the linen

in the kitchen

towards an apex of explosions

or a crushing weightlessness

taking us towards our graves

or mine


in the grave digger’s serenade

her tongue of waves of fire

is like life is the alphabet of death

and her teeth are like tombstones

that spell out orgies

in her mouth

where i immerse myself


in the rain her hair is also fire

orange and golden curls

that swirl

secret side inside secret

swirl she is a cupcake

in her creamy skin, an ivory

death wish bone china cabinet

and i am the rain

upon her sweaty bed

with its no sheets, a bare bedlam

and i am the child she is torturing

in the dungeon

with butterflies

nurturing tsunamis in my stomach

as i reside within the walls

of her

wet soft pinkness

© Jeff Callaway


Juliet and i
we come alive on Friday night’s
ephemeral heights
on three tabs of X each
her violet eyes
like violent epiphanies
when we
have sex on X it’s empathy
my baby loves me like ESP
and she tastes like a ripe
and it’s all very
tasty cuisine
and she is my empyrean queen
the way her heavenly body sings to me
with such sonorous energy
is like her skin it is infinity
her sin it is divinity
and she is the
within my overloading circuitry
and when she is in bed with me
one red rose grows on both her cheeks
when we’re wound in liquid sheets
and the bedroom is moving
like ocean waves
love saves!
the radio blares the latest dance craze
in a purple haze
and sex it is a fabulous maze
i use my fingers to feel my way
through my lover’s deep dark caves
she’s what i crave
her fluffy mattress is a
techno rave
that three blue dolphins make
with dance beats and trance lights
when psychedelic times fly
like hearts might
burst hell-for-leather
in the pleasure hex
on X
she is my girlfriend and
my dominatrix
and sex
and drugs
and rock-n-roll is the matrix
of euphoria
in black light phantasmagoria
with only the
light of the moon
to shine down into her aqua room
onto her watery bed
upon her pale bright skin like the dead
with goose bumps and cold sweat
i am fed
upon my creamy angel Juliet
wearing only one lonely blue sock
and nothing else
and all ringing wet
rolling with me in her silk sheets
in excess
she’s smoking hot
with pink nipples and naked knees
she’ll let
liquid ecstasies flow from
her sweet spot…

liquid ecstasies flow
from her sweet spot
and rainbows rhapsodize
from within side her serpentine eyes
her Byzantine smile is like
a beautiful suicide that i enjoy
inside our cuddle puddle
so warm
and wet
and full of joy
my Juliet makes me her toy
just like i’m a rubber lover drummer boy
with my psychotropic beats to destroy
and demonize
like her hedonistic hips have hypnotized
her helter skelter hands have sanctified
and i am baptized
in her bed and besides
her lovin’ is like
a carnivalesque roller coaster ride
with a four alarm fire inside
her throbbing thoroughbred thighs
and her razorblade fingertips have eyes
and they invite
her tongue lust for my body
to satisfy
the wanderlust of my wasp waist hottie
is amplified
by three blue dolphins in black angel midnight
with her belladonna heart’s light
that she turns on to glow
under strobe lights
and magnifies life just oh so right
to light up the hours of our transcendental twilight
whenever my Juliet and i
we come alive
on Friday night’s
ephemeral heights




So now when
Sun peeks out to set
High up above those
Saturday gloomy clouds
Then there’s going to be
A rowdy party round here
When my friends
On Rock-N-Roll Lane
Are down

The storm has passed
As I cross the Caney City Bridge
I’m Rock-N-Roll bound

Roll down the windows
Kitten, take your top down
Heading North on Highway 198
Is where the fun and the funk
can be found

And if you got the coke
Then I got the crown
And if you’re experienced
And you’d like to get down
Take off that dress and lay on down
Pound plenty beers down
Pal around out of town
Then soak up the sights
Then soak up the sounds
We’re having a few friends over tonight
We’re passing the ganja around
On the leather sectional
With fold out bed
Sit down in the circle
Please sit right down
Relax back with us
Forget your frown

Kick back those tears
Watch for crossing deer
And here’s to ten more
drunken years

The only thing we have to fear
Is to run out of beers

And Fat Jesus
Saint Christopher
King and John-Paxton
There all here

Chubby says Bass is near

Dirty D’s bringing Death metal and beer

let’s drink jaeger bombs
with Andy McGee with no fear

Bryan who is no longer Skate is
Probably setting up camping gear
Somewhere near Anchorage I hear

But other than that all my close friends
Are here once I appear

I’m the Texas Outlaw Poet
Words are my career
So The Joshua says
Jeffrey come here

The McLarty’s are having a party
So cheers!

Mamba juice Jaeger shots injections of
honey butter bourbon barbecue fire

This pig this chicken this steer
This hunger inside us is dyer

On Rock-N-Roll Lane
If I said I’d never been higher
I’d be a liar

On Rock-n-Roll Lane
if you bring the fish
we got the fryer

On Rock-N-Roll Lane
There is real estate for sale
If you’re a buyer

On Rock-N-Roll Lane we’re all like
One big drunken choir.



for a better day
for things to not stay the same
for a change, for a better place to live
for something to do besides sit and slowly
watch time pass us by, for something to
look forward to, for something to inspire
for something that will take us higher
for things to make us see the light
for something that will get us through the night
for something to help us win our fight
for a way to escape without dying
for a way to tell the truth, not lying
for a universal soul, collective as a whole
for a resolution to lifes’’ disillusion
i won’t settle for anything less than happiness
but you used to be someone i looked up to
but now you’re just something to do
and you used to take away my pain
but now your caresses do not soothe
you used to be someone i’d never forget
and now i can’t even remember your name
you’re a flash in the pan, you’re yesterdays’ news
you’re just something to do, someone to use
you used to sing me rock -n- roll songs
but now you only sing me the blues
and this is why i must say today
out with the old
in with the new…



you know

i always hoped

but i never

ever knew


true love

could be for me


i met you

and until

my eyes met yours

and love is truth

my dreams come true

true blue

you’re the girl of my dreams

my sweet

sweet Casady

and would you believe

but could you conceive

i’ll never ever leave

i could never ever see

i could never feel


you showed to me

at first sight

your true love is


and now my still

beating heart

which was once so blind

until now

your love has healed

and for the first time in ten years

i can finally feel


completely happy

ever since

September 19th, 2007

i’ve lived in heaven happily

and it’s all because of you

my sweet

sweetest Casady

you make my heart beat

so rapidly

with such a beautiful rhapsody

you are a beautiful masterpiece

to me

and if you ever

ever need anything

all you have to do is

ask me

i’ll do everything it takes

to make you happy

but there’s just one thing

i have to ask thee


will you marry me?



when i needed
to smile
whenever i needed
to laugh
i always had you
to take me for
fifty-cent drafts
to Scooter’s we’d go
together hand in hand
we’d clown around
and have a few rounds
listen to your favorite band
on the jukebox
vodka on the rocks
it’s okay for us
to have some fun
we live right
around the block
so pop a top
and sit right here
on the barstool
nearest to me
you know i’m your man
and you can lay me on down
take me home
and make love to me
but before you do
we can have some cold brews
and enjoy each other’s company
at the best place in town
Carmen, lay two more buds down
make it three
and can we
get our tab?




i’m on my

way to Big-D

in syringe serenity

of my U-100 being


my 7 day skitz

to infinity


can you hear the train

over the Trinity-


River we

could never be

a phoenix


to the open memory

of some very elemental

every mental mind



not we

we not know

nuts and so numb so

be my friend

my be

my pure nonsense

central intelligence

to inject

50 thick

in the neck

hit select






and so now I know

I can always catch that

night owl

back home from downtown

when I’m 2am broken and haggard

from a bender or a foul

and I’ve always gotten home

safe and sound

from Sixth Street

when its so late and so loud

and in the liquor

I’ve almost drowned

but I guess I’ve always been

a night owl

ever since I was five years old

and I set free my caffeinated soul

and awoke every morning to a hot cup a joe

with lots of sugar

lots of cream

in my cream of wheat

TV malt o meal mornings

of before school early mornings

with Mommy

the Three Stooges

with Bugs Bunny

I’m all full of coffee

because even as a kid

I’d spend all night long rocking

and so I needed that extra boost

to get my schoolwork up off me

but it was nothing like it is now

as a girlfriend starts another pot of coffee

and I smoked forty seven cigarettes yesterday

and the coffee pot hoots

like a Benzedrine train whistle

and I’m just another poet

in this Austin, Texas

is a zoo

and I’m Banzai Buckaroo

hoot hoot hoot

through every coffee shop on Guadalup’

plus Ruta Maya’s even open til two

and there really is nothing

like coffee after a night of cold brews

and a pack of Marlboros too

as my head it just soothes

in such smooth

buzzing blissful toffee

man what can I say

I mean I really love coffee

so get off me.




happy days

are upon me now

I know I’m never

gonna be the same

now that you’re out

of my life for good

and I can remember

my own name


I was always

the wild child

upon whom you’d place

your blame


but I’m loving

my new life now

and I’m embracing

every single change

I’m accepting life

on life’s terms now

and I’m learning from

the choices I’ve made

because I know I no longer

have to play the pawn

in your sick and

twisted game


and I praise

the Lord’s good name

for each and

every single day

that I escaped your

insidious zoo

because I’m the wild animal

you could never ever tame

no matter how hard

you tried to


don’t you know

little girl I’ve moved on

now a long time ago from you

and I’m glad you finally

said what you really think

long after we been through


but you’ve taken

no responsibility

for your actions

or the pain that

you put me through


all you ever do

is try to pass your lies

off as truth


as if the color red

was really blue


and I wouldn’t wish you

on my worst enemy it’s true

but my worst enemy is you

so I’ll wish you on you



you give love

such a bad bad name

the red flag stuck

in the hole

where your heart

used to be



and insane


and I wouldn’t wish you

on my worst enemy it’s true

but my worst enemy is you

so I wish you on you


all your many personalities

deserve each other





not in all my nights

nor in all of my days

never in a million years

have a poet’s eyes laid

upon someone so fine

or so fair as she…

for the mere thought

of her falling in love with me

would cause my heart to leap

my soul to scream

to shout it out loud

for the whole world to see

Princess Erika (with a k)

is the girl of my dreams

the most beautiful girl

on Earth it seems

has taught my broken heart

to beat again…

now I just want to be

more than friends…

I want to be the man

in whom you can depend

the true love you fight to defend

let me be the one by your side

to the bitter end…

after all I been through

I never thought I’d love again

but I do

I’ve fallen so hard for you

it’s true

I’m one lonesome heart

beating fo two…

so take me inside

to be one with you

to do anything you want me to

I want to give you the stars

the sun and the moon

and everything you’re entitled to…

everything a Goddess like you


you deserve a man

who treats you right

who loves you

who holds you

through all the dark nights

who tries to work through

problems instead of fight

who is always gentle with you

always polite

always faithful

even out of sight

you deserve eternal happiness

and infinite delight

you deserve nothing but the best

because you are everything that is right

in a girl

you’re my everything

my light in this world…

so please take my hand

and come with me

into a new eternity

we’ll seek out truth

we’ll try to find peace

we’ll search out this happiness

just you and me

we’ll find all there is to see

and to do

just give me one chance

because I truly do…

I love you.