howdy y’all
my name is Jeff
and I’m an alcoholic
ya see
I been drinking
now ever since
the age of fifteen
when a green eyed girl
from a trailer park
in Tyler, Texas
decided to teach me
a few things
about what love means
and how love is mean
she broke my heart
she tore it out
by the seams
but before she did
she taught me to make love
she taught me to drink everything
from Jack Daniels to Moosehead
and into her pink
and I been doing it
again to myself
ever since I can think
and everything I could see
I started drinking from the bottle
then the bottle started
drinking from me
and just fifteen years later
I find myself drunk
passed out on Venice Beach
two friends and I drank three gallons
of Jim Beam with A&W’s cream soda
and we woke up in Arizona
and so the story goes
on and on and on
there’s a demon in my bottle baby
I find myself so gone
there’s a demon in my bottle
who’s needed exorcism so long
and so here’s to
my drunkard song
let me sing it
read it
all night long
empty bottles
empty cans
somehow now
I’ve become a man
screaming please remember me
and all of my empty bottles
full of memories…


dollar drafts
on Monday night
at the Hole In The Wall
after fallen light
after i read my poetry at The Hideout
i head out
through drunken Austin streets to drink
at my home away from home
and i chase the little skirts
these desserts to which i’m known
i’ve grown to love their taste and to make them my own
in a sea of cigarette butts
and lipstick lies
which link me to jukeboxes, junkies
and Jessica’s thighs …

i’m welcome in this house of social disorder
and neon signs…

dyed black hair
milky white thighs
alcoholic fantasies disguise
the shine of dollar pints
and wanton sinful eyes…

the coldest jager in town
reminds me of Alaska…

so i wink instead of ask her
she grabs my ass as i walk by
these college girls have no need to lie
and poets have so much to say
and both of us possess the need
to get drunk and get laid…

so Waldo pour us up another drink
and i’ll make another toast to make us think
and sink into dirty bar room dreams
my Jim Beam logic cannot convey…

the Hole In The Wall makes me feel so fine
the Hole In The Wall has inspired these lines
the Hole In The Wall no cover anytime
the Hole In The Wall where i spend my dimes
and find my dames…

the Hole In The Wall is its name…

the Austin Chronicles sexiest bartenders remain…

at the Hole In The Wall…

my casting call…

to debauchery!


Austin, Texas

Hole In The Wall Arcade & Restaurant Austin, TX!!!






the grim hotel
a hot spot to stop
on your way to
for the path of excess is
a broken road that leads
to death
or jail
or maybe to both
for one can never tell
but as for me
i’m just another guest in this
i’m just another ghost
rapt in a chemical spell
and this is just my tale
i must tell about how i fell
so far and so hard
i’m just another prisoner of war
in my own country’s drug war
where The Man is The Czar
i’m just another number in A1-dorm
printed on my card
my only offense a sack o ice in shards
with white rocks to seduce me
into needles that reduce me
into this too dark park
where i kick start my heart
but i don’t have to lie to kick it
drug to perfect my ART
for some lessons in life for some are so hard
so hard for the bard
when the man holds the cards
and so old and so cold
out there on the rec. yard
Larry McMurtry says the earth is mostly
just a bone yard
but like i told you
i’m mostly lost and lonely
all these tired dour hours dire
the poet make words a maelstrom of fire
from haunted victims in the eye
of addictions stormy desire
spring forth
with yet another lesson learned
as slowly the wheels of justice turn
and as the world turns
if you play with fire you just might get burned
but i must share all these words
and the heart in the words
these words are birds
and they fly above the razor wire
my guardian angel is a mockingbird
justice is a mockery
and this prison is
a grim hotel


Bradshaw State Jail

Henderson, TX.


much glue
to stick to
so much to do
i cant sit still
i’ve got to move to move
so i fly through the sky
and i fly so high
that i fry in the sky
with my pupils the size of dimes
and so
will you tell me which way- to go
to the yellow brick road
goodbye to some shady place
under the trees of my soul
where we can roll a joint
or load a bowl
whichever makes us whole
below the walls that
are breathing
in sequence with me
as i realize i am one with everything
and so i leave my body
for other worlds to see
as consciousness wakes to Morpheus dreams
will you take my hand
will you go with me
into this new reality
where Maenad wraps us
in velvet violet halo wings
while we’re submerged spirits
in our ecstasy orgy ritual dreams
like the flesh it screams to please you
and Midas’ touch goldens the scene for you
to give everything this jazzy hue
so just go with the flow
you know what to do
cherub flight
to orgasm
over skeleton flames
to exalt the way i felt you
when you came
and you tingled
and your lips are to taste
and you’re safe
in my arms
when you

you open your eyes with the sunrise…

you wonder if it was all fantasized…

you open your eyes with the sunrise…

and i’m laying right by your side…




i got

a bottle of COGNAC

and a box of fine CIGARS

and King and i are riding in his car

but i don’t know where in the hell we are

and if i tell you a chicken dips SNUFF

you better look under his wing for a can


as the radio jams the R.E.M. song Stand

i recall a titty bar in Tyler , Texas was the plan

but we really could be anywhere in this fine land

and all King can tell me is that we’re out of SPEED again


as the sun slowly begins to raise its evil head

over some dusty old back road, i’m the walking dead

when i think it was last night that we left the skitzer pad

and there really is something to be said about VICODIN


one thing for sure is that King and i like them


and i really wouldn’t be surprised if this was a PILL run

and anyway i always have some fun when i’m with King

he’s really a great friend to go out with and drink

he’s really a great guy if you want to know what i think


Foo Fighters through the speakers and we both start to sing

looks like its going to be another exciting morning

and times are never boring when the car motor is roaring

and then all of a sudden i realize where we’re going

and then King finally looks over and gives me the word

that we’re headed out of Texas on The Mexican Blackbird.






i shoot

that speed-fluid

into miles of my mind

with my blood in the spoon

and my gears cranking grinding

the light from the blast almost blinding

i’m staring at my

tennis shoes

grin smiling widely

i’m all screwed up

i’m turned sort of sideways

most likely

i tuned in

and tied off

and told stories

so gory my blood bumps pump

i grind my teeth together

more by the hour

this speed is a concrete shower

that i breathe in deep

bleeding deep

like dark horses

through ether lucid fantasies

so that confusion is not my enemy

and fear is not in my vocabulary

with my going on a green light mentality

that is rushing through my veins

i am

a pharmacopoeia

a rocket ship speedfreak dopefucked fantasy

or fiasco rather

i am

sleazy seedy bumps in the bathrooms of

convenient stores

i am

the wicked wind whispering of

which wargasms

to slam a gram and orgasm

i suppose i must dispose

of these shards

of my electric minds eye

as i empty the dumpster of my

dream-like thought progressions

to shoot my wad into the sky

and expel the stars of spirits

ringy and twisted

and then

i shoot the works!




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i can see
two of everything
as these
sonar radio waves sing
in the sky
like perfect circles of light
come alive on this crazy night
when the heavy sight
of the moon
hangs tight
in its lunar basket of atoms
to bathe in this dark blackness
only to feel the stars showering glow
in the theater of meteors
to touch my skin
to fill in
the wide open spaces of
translucent in the face of my stoned night sky
standing on a beach staring at the sea
and asking myself why
am i
here in Galveston, Texas drunk and high
watching my words
pull these feelings from
the high tide
as i write
my words of sin
my words of vice
lanky lurking liquored words
the sober mans thoughts bottled in
drunken slurred words
with euphoric words to kiss behind your ears
with tickling tingling tenderness to tears
and to take
your heart close to mine
just like fate
and tonight
there are no clues in the booze
and i’ve nothing to lose
just by singing the blues
there’s no clues
in the booze
so i’ll just drink a few more
know what to do’s
when love
isn’t coming from nowhere
and isn’t growing on trees
where does this leave me
but to step inside my drunk sleeping bag
on the whiskey beach
and write my drunken ramblings
alcohol sleep…



it’s 4am
and i still can’t sleep
but really i haven’t slept
in over a week
that’s just the way it is sometimes
on that lake called Cedar Creek
and all of us tweakers
or creekers
call it Speeder Freak
all of us who have not slept a wink
all week and so i think
i’ll stay up one more night and tweak
and peak out my window
through those cracks in the blinds
‘cause i just heard something
coming from outside
and there it is again
that very strange strange sound
like someone is outside sneaking around
but who could it be
oh what could they want
is it some thief in the night
or the sheriff with a warrant
i think i see one
or maybe i see three
peaking at me
from behind that old pine tree
but it’s too dark out tonight
too dark to see much of anything
and maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me
but i think the bastards are trying to
sneak up on me
and they can see everything
with all their surveillance toys
they can hear every little whisper
every little noise
and they got night vision too
they can see me right now
through the dark
i had some too but i skitzed them apart
and anyway it wont be long
and then out will come the sun
they’ll catch me this time
if i try to run…

and then just a little while later
oh here comes the orange dawn
but where are those deputies
oh where have they gone
they just faded away in the blind light
after i sat here and watched them
all damn night
and they were just right there
in front of me
peaking at me
from behind that old pine tree
and so i’ll just tweak here
for another day, another night
tweakin’ out my window to see if i’m right
and i’ll be damned
if i will ever go to bed
because there will be plenty of time
for me to sleep
when i’m dead.


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