Texas Outlaw Poet, Jeff Callaway, is set to release his first full length poetry collection in two years. Titled “A BRIEF HISTORY OF RHYME” Callaway confirms that this collection will be a departure from previous subject matter and style, settling for more spiritual content and a more elaborate free verse approach. The book which is set to be released in late Spring of 2021 is currently being edited by the poet. Callaway is also said to be working on the artwork for the collection. A BRIEF HISTORY OF RHYME will be the poet’s 8th publication by Austin, Texas publisher Texas Outlaw Press!

Texas Outlaw Press was founded when my good friend Jeff Callaway was sent to prison for the non-violent offense of possession of psilocybin mushrooms. Together we founded the Press to publish chapbooks for readings both while Jeff was in and when he got out of the penitentiary system. The legacy of our inception is our on-going interest in working with artist who have had to suffer the indignities and injustices of the hypocritical drug laws in Texas and the U.S. In the coming years we hope to shape the Press into a helpful resource for artists trapped in the Texas prison system for non-violent drug possession. We are also interested in collaborating with Texas’s artist and political communities to bring further awareness to the injustices of Marijuana Prohibition and the harms to people’s lives caused by incarcerating non-violent drug offenders. Ultimately we would like to help educate citizens and voters about the negative consequences of current drug laws and the benefits of treatment vs. incarceration in regards to serious addiction issues. At the same time we’d like to offer a rewarding forum for self-expression to those negatively impacted by those laws and to our readers and listeners. -John-Paxton Gremillion (Co-Founder)

times get tough
and bad things
my lover and me
love the sound
of our skin
beat by beat
to one rhythm
in time
we find
with both our hearts
on bended knees
each others skin
is so revealing
peeling away
every sweet
to the bone
with softest moans
melting the night
while fingers roam
feeling at home
all over us
all a glow
both of us
is gonna be
alright everything
and now we see
love is all
we’ll ever need
and sex is a feast
so i’ll serve the beef
whenever life
seems so mean
my baby and me
hear a dinner bell ring
and again
and again
it’s time to feed
it’s time to eat
the butt-naked lunch
bon appetit!!!


A short film based on and containing the poem “Nocturnal Emissions” by Jeff Callaway, Texas Outlaw Poet. Brought to you by Good Cat/Bad Cat Productions in association with Texas Outlaw Press. All video bits are public domain. Written by Jeff Callaway. Acting by Jeff Callaway. Nararated by Jeff Callaway. Filmed and Directed by Sophia Cruz aka Mad Sophia. #TexasOutlawPress #GoodCatBadCatProductions #MadSophia #TexasOutlawPoet





it was in
a gray October of
one long gone year
we both fell in love
way back
when we were both so young
back when i was sunburned
and she was the sun
and she was
the love of my life
she was an angel from above
she was to be my wife
and with a little bit of luck
we would make sweet
love love love
run amok
we supped wine from a loving cup
like two licorice libertines love struck
when something was up
and she was my first
and i was hers
back in that gray October i spoke of
back when her autumn arrhythmias would cause me to erupt
when she was my marigold
she was my macramé angel
softest skin i’ve ever known
will ever know?
so her skin was a field of snow
and her emerald eyes were a million stories left untold
her saffron curls
of golden swirls the ozone
when i was with her i was home
and i love this babe to the bone
but now she’s gone
and she left this world
and all she’d ever known
just like that old Hank William’s song
she’s long gone
she’s long gone
and i am so




SURF SONG by Jeff Callaway

I wish I could surf.

I want to ride the crest

of the bluest wave

the sea will be my brother

oh surf would me save

oh see me out

on the endless sea

only the waves

my surfboard

and me.

I come in with the tide.

I wash up on shore.

I stand on the beach

with my surfboard.

the ocean and I

as one My Lord.

I shake my curly blonde locks

in the wind

all wet with

the stuff of the sea


if you didn’t look too close

you’d think I had fins.

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